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Forestry Training Institute,Olmotonyi

(Accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE))

Online Admission System(OAS)
Welcome To Forestry Training Institute,Olmotonyi Online Admission System.
Through this system you will be able to apply for Admission into Ordinary Diploma or Basic Technician Certificate or Certificate Courses offered by Forestry Training Institute,Olmotonyi.
How To Apply
Click here to read the admission user manual that will guide you step by step to the final stage of submitting admission application to our college.
Submission of forged certificates, invalid examination results or any false information is criminal offence and will be dealt with according to the law.
Payment And Bank Details
Click here to access payment portal
    i. After opening payment portal,Scroll down to the link, HUDUMA ZA HARAKA / QUICK SERVICES , fill in the following required information, on the dropdown menu
    a). CHAGUA KUNDI LA HUDUMA select MISCELLANEOUS RECEIPTS b). CHAGUA HUDUMA select FTI-Application Fee- (TZS 10000/=)
    c). IDADI put 1
    d). CLICK on ONGEZA button
    ii. You will receive the message: FTI Hati ya madai, Ankara Na:_____________JUMLA : 10000.00, Tarehe________
    iii. Use Ankara Na to pay application fee by using either banks or mobile money services
    iv. After payment you will receive the message: Malipo yamepokelewa kwenda FTI Ankara Na___________Kiasi: 10000 TZS Risiti Na: _________
    v. Fill in Risiti Na to the SUBMIT RECEIPT NUMBER in the Online Admission System (OAS)
    For any enquire don't hesitate to contact 0754816055/078716055 or 0767788534

For any enquiry on using the system or admission process send email to
  Thank You for choosing Forestry Training Institute,Olmotonyi